What is the idea behind Viscopedia

Many people working in industry, research and also in education require helpful information on viscometry. There are various sources giving information regarding the basics of viscometry and viscosity, but none is complete. If you are looking for viscosity reference values of common substances, the available tables are mostly fragmentary. If you want to find a reference value, chances are high that it is given at the wrong measuring temperature. Nor can you easily compare different viscometer types – a feature that supports you in finding the right solution for a particular application.

The goal of this knowledge base is to answer common questions on viscometry and fulfill essential requirements, from the definition of viscosity to the types of available instruments, also explaining their measuring principles. Naturally, Viscopedia is anything but complete, but we will continue our work to provide even more information in the future. Do not hesitate to give feedback by filling in the contact form.

Viscopedia | A free encyclopedia for viscosity.

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This platform offers extensive know-how on viscometry – from the basics
of liquids in flow to helpful calculations and viscosity tables.